Sunday, January 31, 2010


Here I will track my daily thinkings, which will mostly be about fashion and sewing. I am an aspiring Etsy seller, and I am hoping that a blog will help me get my name out there. Plus, I like telling people stuff whether or not they're actually listening--just nod and smile! ;D

I have been doing A LOT of blog reading lately: Susie Bubble, Charlotte Taylor, Tavi, The Stroque...and last night I discovered Antimony & Lace. This has to do with "goth and dark fashion," which I am inspired by. I also love the fact that, perhaps even just for practical reasons, a goth would make her own clothes. She probably can't find exactly what she wants in stores, or if she does, it's waaaaay out of her budget--so she gets creative and customizes her wardrobe with her own size and colors!

This, in turn, relates to one of the big reasons I love Etsy: people creating one-of-a-kind clothing, much like wearable art! I can't begin to wonder why I'm obsessed with fashion, sewing, crafts, etc...but I CAN talk about it all day.

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