Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Experts debate dangers of wearing popular sheepskin boots - Fashion + Beauty on Shine

Yay! Another reason for me to hate Uggs! Actually, I wear flat shoes everyday, which is what this article is really about. And yes, I have back problems...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miss Shape 3D Geometric Felt Shapes Tshirt M

Miss Shape 3D Geometric Felt Shapes Tshirt M by heartattackcouture


Miss Shape is a white t-shirt from American Apparel, size medium, with felt shapes hand-sewn onto it. Four colors--gray, pink, purple, and blue--are layered on top of each other, with a bit of batting/stuffing in the purple layer to enhance the 3-D effect. The shapes are carefully sewn with thick yellow thread, and can be machine washed on gentle cycle.

I chose to use an American Apparel t-shirt because not only are they made in the US, they are high quality, super soft, and have a wonderful fit.

Bust: 34" or 86.5 cm
Shoulder span: 15" or 38 cm
Length: 23" or 58.5 cm

This t-shirt is one of a kind--I will never make an exact copy, so you know that your t-shirt is unique! However, if you like the style of the top, I can make a variation in another size upon request (convo me).

Your item will be shipped USPS First Class Mail (which takes 2-5 days to arrive). Once the package is out of my hands, I cannot control when it is delivered. You will receive a tracking number from the USPS website, where you can check the status of your order at anytime. I generally ship items 1-2 business days after payment is received, and will let you know when I have delivered your package to the post office.

Pay only $3.00 shipping for orders of 2 or more items.

*I know my camera is lame--does anyone have any tips for getting better tips out of iPhone cameras?  All I can do is play around with the editing option...

Giles Gremlin Bag

Susi Bubble wrote about this.  Giles Deacon had an awesome gremlin bag in his recent show.  I want it now, too...  Someone please rip this off!!!

Ugh, you can barely see it in this's a better one.

How whimsical!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Royal Blue latex/rubber sailor dress with white ruffles by Kaorimg

Royal Blue latex/rubber sailor dress with white ruffles by Kaorimg

This is an interesting take on the popular pinup style, which I happen to love. The latex breathes new life into a classic style.

Tiger Toy Mini SkirtNeon Yellow with Black by heartattackcouture

Tiger Toy Mini SkirtNeon Yellow with Black by heartattackcouture

"Out for the kill, stalking her prey/ The fortunate ones never get away/ They say it's all fair in love, but it's not true/ You'll be chasing her tail til the night is through." (Electrocute)

This mini skirt is made from cotton-rayon jersey, very light and soft to the touch. Bold black stripes are painted onto a neon yellow background. Because the fabric is so lightweight, I lined the skirt with the same material to avoid the notorious VPL. The exposed zipper is thick with plastic tracks and nylon/polyester edges. It is sewn on the outside of skirt for an edgy look, and can be worn front or back. Also adding to the edgy look is a raw, unhemmed bottom edge. (This is not sloppiness--the rest of the garment is well-sewn.)

I have plenty of this fabric and can make this skirt in any size at your request. The skirt pictured is about a medium or large, and would fit about a size 7. When worn at the hips, the skirt hits just below your bum and is form-fitting. If you would like a custom size, it would be helpful to convo me the measurements around your hips where you would like the skirt to sit, around your bum, and the length you would like.

hips--36 in (92.5 cm)
length--11 in (28 cm)

I recently put this up on Etsy. I would have to say that this is the one thing up for sale that I would most like to keep. I have a few yards of this fabric and plan on making various things out of it...definitely a tank top tunic, but not sure what else.