Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why Do I Craft?

Here's a little about me:

I have aways been interested in arts and crafts, even when I was a little kid.  At 7, I taught myself the basics of sewing and made my own doll clothes out of fabric scraps.  I also entertained myself by crocheting, making paper dolls, drawing, weaving friendship bracelets and sculpting miniature objects out of clay.  I was fascinated that all of these things could be made with my own two hands.  At 12, I received my first sewing machine for Christmas.  Although it did not get very much use for several years.  I was still hand-sewing doll clothes and attempting a quilt (which I never actually finished).  By this time, my friendship bracelets became more intricate with carefully chosen colors.  Throughout my teens, I took pictures of my friends and family and made scrapbooks.  I got faster at crocheting, and my stitches got better, too.  It wasn't until I was 17 and took a sewing class in high school that I rediscovered my sewing machine.  I dusted it off, and got ready to work miracles.  The sewing class taught me some important basics: zippers, hems, reading patterns, and choosing fabric.  Still, with my busy schedule, I did not have much time to sew. 

I'm going to San Diego State University now, majoring in Psychology, preparing for a secure and "normal" career.  I was really not looking forward to 9-to-5, sitting at a desk, going to grad school to get anywhere.  Working a shitty part-time job, I had an epiphany--I need to do something creative.  Or else I'll go crazy...  I decided I'd go to fashion school, but since I was already half way done with my B.A., I decided to finish that first. 

About 8 months ago, I got really sick and spent time in the hospital.  After that, money was tight and I was living off of school loans.  I needed something to make a little extra money, so I decided to do something I was good at and started making stuff and selling it on eBay.  eBay sucked.  My partner mentioned Etsy, and I began doing research.  I was excited but unsure if my stuff would sell.  I'm still an amateur on Etsy, but I'm determined to make some sales so I can have extra money for college and more crafts!  Eventually, I plan to make a career out of fashion.  I'd like to become a costume designer for movies or theater, and that's what I'm beginning to move towards in my creations. 

Work, Ashley, work!  I like to procrastinate...that's why I don't have a lot of stuff in my Etsy shop right now.  However, I have business cards right now!--which I am really proud of.  Since the Internet can feel so impersonal, I'm blogging so that my customers can get to know me a little better. 

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