Thursday, May 26, 2011

Radiohead Tee Re-do is full of tutorials that will inspire any DIY-er.  Plus, a lot of them are pretty simple!  I have an old Radiohead t-shirt that I can't stand to get rid of even though it is way too small--so I chose a tutorial from the list!  It is called Contour Bust/ Ruffle Bust Tutorial.  I made my own pattern as I went along, so I could easily make another one later. 

On some parts I had to improvise since the t-shirt was too small, and since I didn't want to cut the top part off because of the image on it.  So I had to add pieces on each side to make it wider.  I think this is kinda sexy anyways because it highlights your curves.  Basically, I measured how much I need to add on each side, plus seam allowance (I usually do 1/2 inch).  I also had to ad a strip to the back to make it even with the front. 

The front of the tee with the boob part cut out.

The back of the tee.

The boob part of the pattern.

Pattern for the side panels.

Cutting out the side panels.

I folded the pattern pieces in half after I cut them out, to make sure they were symmetrical.

I make my patterns out of used grocery bags.  They're free, and I feel like I'm recycling.  I haven't decided what to use for straps yet, but I think it will be more black jersey.

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