Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Made It - Painted Tennies

 Back from a creative hiatus!  (My absence was caused by the myriad other projects I have.)

Very simple diy:  There was a pair of white tennies hiding in my closet because I had spilled wax on them (don't ask...).  Perhaps you can see the slight discoloration on the toe?  Like many other crafters (and broke former college students) I couldn't just throw away a perfectly wearable pair of shoes.  Finally, I brought them out, dug up some turquoise acrylic paint from my disastrous supply closet, and went to work.  I had to use one of those makeup sponges because I didn't even have a damn paintbrush, but it worked out really well.  For the stripes, I used regular old scotch tape.
This is where I got my inspiration:


And a tutorial I once saw that is very similar to this one:

What really pushed me to get creative yesterday was this article:  How I Feel Satisfied With Every Day.  The author's simple guide to happiness is to do 3 things every day: make money, get fit & make something cool.  I already knew I needed to do those things, but the article reminded me of why--to be happy!

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