Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Lazy

I haven't been sewing that much, haven't been listing things on Etsy or eBay...bad bad!  I've been kinda busy with school, but I've also been lazy!  Procrastinating!  So I made a plan a couple weeks ago for the month of May.  I outlined some goals for the entire month, and then broke them up into mini goals for each week.

May Goals:
-Make $200 on Etsy and eBay
-Create 5 garments
-List 10 items
-Write 1 blog per week
-Update Facebook fan page each week
-Make graph of profits
-Distribute 50 business cards

Things I've Accomplished So Far:

So I'm not doing good so far.  It's finals week at school, so that equals more procrastination related to studying.  Ugh, I get so frustrated with myself sometimes!  I think I don't have very much faith in myself...

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