Friday, May 28, 2010

Job Hunting

Well, obviously I'm not going to become rich selling on Etsy and eBay any time soon, so now I'm looking for a job.  Oh yeah, my financial aid ran out, too.  Since my last disastrous job as a "cocktail waitress," I'm terrified of getting a real job where I have to dress nice and show up on time.  And I might even have to work in the morning--ugh!  I'm terrible at sales, so I figured that some kind of clerical job would be best for me. 

Searching for jobs is frustrating.  I browse Craigslist and Monster, sending my resume to all kinds of places, but I haven't heard anything yet.  I guess it just takes time...  My boyfriend is supporting me right now, which makes me feel kinda lame since I was raised with the idea that women are supposed to be independent. 

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