Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beauty Queen

This is another rant.

I've thought about the depiction of women in the media a lot, as I'm sure most women have.  I like "fashion" magazines, and I usually try to avoid the beauty tips which are really just thinly-disguised ads; and the pictures of beautiful women, airbrushed to perfection.  But it's hard not to see the negative message, and I've realized that the content I'm looking for is not worth it, or simply not there at all.  Why am I even wasting my time on these magazines, looking for cool fashion and interesting articles?  When I read The Seventeen Magazine Project a few months ago, I started thinking about these things all over again. 

Let's get down to the truth:  You will never lose the belly flab, have fake lashes from a tube, get rid of the cellulite on your ass, eat less than 1200 calories a day, exercise every day, find Mr./Mrs. Right, become a millionaire in a few years...Why?  Because of biology, physics, airbrushing, and economics!  It's a lot to ask from a person and women shouldn't feel bad if they can't do it all.  Plus, magazines are made up entirely of ads that are meant to make us feel not pretty, too fat, or in some other way inadequate so that we will buy products that don't make us happier anyways.

Fuck you, Cosmo.

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