Saturday, April 9, 2011

Etsy: Purple Maxi Skirt - Harve Benard - Vintage

I just listed this on Etsy.  I have a lot of vintage right now.

This soft purple skirt is made of a mixture of wool and viscose, made by the designer Benard Holtzman. It is vintage, and the tag says "made in Belarus." I don't know exactly when it was made, but it seems to be 1970's style. The lighter "stripes" that you see are a kind of inside-out seams, which is decorative but also allows the skirt to highlight your feminine curves. When worn at the waist, the hem falls at your calves, known as "tea length." It zips up the back with an invisible zipper and buttons at the top--fully lined, a signature of quality construction. I love the light purple because it is such a wonderful Spring color.

Waist: 29"
Length: 32"
Zipper Length: 7.5"
Full Width at Bottom: 84"

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