Monday, June 4, 2012

Film - "Blade Runner"

I've heard that Blade Runner was "one of the best movies of the eighties"--a decade I am very disappointed to have missed--so I decided to watch it tonight.  First, it was waaayyyy different that I expected!  And not really in a good way...I chalk it up the sociocultural differences between now & 1982.

When I first saw Pris, I thought she was a transgender prostitute because she was walking on a dark street.  What a dork.  But when I Googled Daryl Hannah I found out she was in one of my favorite movies!

...And then I felt dumb for not recognizing her.  Pris ended up being my favorite character; partly because she was the only one that seemed "human."  I just could not understand  the other characters and why they did what they did.  I guess you could say they weren't relatable.

I totally didn't get what was up with this guy...but then again, I'm a little slow.  He looked really cool anyways.

Of course, I'm a fan of Rachel and her 1940's/Goth awesomeness.  No surprise there.

I was pretty disturbed by this scene--it seemed like he was trying to rape her.  Even more disturbing, I think it was supposed to be sexy.  Ugh, it was creepy!

Some parts were pretty racist.

But I really liked the music!

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