Monday, July 26, 2010


I am trying to become a better blogger, because I do realize that my posts are full of boring, useless crap.  To help with this, I am reading articles about blogging.

One article says I should write about my obsessions.  What am I obsessed with?
  1. Goth culture
  2. Lolitas and dolls
  3. Japanese stuff
  4. Books
  5. The Cramps
  6. Fashion/ DIY culture/ Sewing
  7. Psychology
  8. Aliens, ghosts, supernatural stuff
  9. Six Feet Under, and death in general I guess
There's some things for me to think about! 

Too many random pics?

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my post (and for actually taking time to read that whole damn thing)!

    I definitely feel you about changing the severity and mood of your outfit depending on the situation. But isn't it interesting to think about why we're compelled to set those different moods? Yes, partially because that's what we've been taught as we've grown up, but you also have to wonder what that generally says about our society/culture. It doesn't necessarily make sense to say that ladylike style is more appropriate than a lady-gaga-esque outfit for a night at a fancy restaurant. And really, at that fancy restaurant you'll usually see everything from grandma wear to "escort" garb, and even jeans up here in san francisco.

    I really haven't formulated my thoughts too carefully on this as I'm still doing my research, but I think it's really interesting. How our outfits mark us as individuals and how style marks us in terms of our social status/subgroup. Food for thought.

    And no pants is the only way to go when you're at home. Duh. :) Thanks again for checking out my blog! I would love to see more of what inspires your designing up here...and maybe we can inspire each other to be better bloggers.

    take care,


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