Monday, July 19, 2010

Job Search Update

This job search thing has become hardcore!  I'm about to graduate college, and I realized I need to find an actual career--not just some job that would make me hate my life.  Like all the other jobs I've had...  I've had to really take a hard look at myself and ask some serious questions.  What am I good at?  What do I like doing?  What do I feel drawn to?  Because it's not just "fashion" guys.  The answer has to be much more specific than that.

For years, there has been a personal battle in my head: fashion or psychology?  My two passions.  I love being creative and I love helping people.  I'm still looking for some way to combine the two, even though that sounds pretty unrealistic.  I'm the Queen of Unrealistic--after all, I live in Lalaland.

I've discovered some wonderful sites to help me in my job search.  If you're doing it right now too, forget Craigslist and Monster!  (I don't know, that may seem obvious to most people.  I can be a little slow.)  Career Infonet and O*Net Online have been incredible helps to me.  They list hundreds of careers, tell you what they are, what you do on the job, what kind of person would like the job, what education/training you need, how much you can make...tons of info.  If you live in California (my actual, physical location on this plane of existence), you can go to the CalJOBS website for job listings and help applying.

Right now I'm interested in becoming a social worker (among several other things), and I'm trying to figure out what job I can get with only a bachelor's in psychology.  Slim pickings, but I'm the kind of person who does what they want no matter what anyone says.  I'm trying to figure out how I can get an apprenticeship or something, and where to apply.  I should also look at becoming a costumer or personal stylist since I'm interested in that, too.

To be honest, I'm having second thoughts about the fashion school thing...  I already told everyone in the universe I was going to Fashion Careers College, but how do I know what the best choice is?  I guess I just have to trust God to lead me in the right direction, and I'll keep pursuing both paths until I have my answer. 

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